Evidence for Exercise® has been developed to improve access for health professionals to high quality scientific analysis and presentation of exercise advice.

We comprehensively review and distill the best available research across a range of disciplines – to provide clear, simple, evidence-based, printable exercise prescriptions for patients of all musculoskeletal, health and fitness practitioners.

Our program is not a vast, overwhelming collection of thousands of ‘accepted’ (and often poorly researched) exercises from which you are required to ‘pick and pluck’.

Rather, it is a collated selection of the most effective, genuine evidence-based exercises presented as elegantly simple and powerful prescriptions, and supported with comprehensive practitioner notes to ensure best practice for the ‘high level evidence’ clinical requirements of today.

After all, sometimes exercise is the best medicine.

For evidence-based practitioners seeking a simple yet substantial and highly effective exercise program


We offer a complete, 100% money-back guarantee for all new annual Registered Providers!

Don’t waste hundreds on exercise programs that are unreferenced, over-complicated, overwhelming and frequently abandoned.

Health registration boards worldwide require ‘high level evidence’ in advice and treatment


Our research shows…

  1. Health and allied health registration boards worldwide now require ‘high level evidence’ in advice and treatment
  2. Effectiveness, patient satisfaction, safety and professional liability are compromised when exercise advice isn’t up to scratch
  3. Exercise instructions provided by health professionals to patients are frequently unclear, incomplete, un-documented, unreferenced and often unnecessarily complicated
  4. Exercise apps and programs requiring practitioners to ‘pick and pluck’ from thousands of exercises are often fiddly and time-consuming during consultations, overwhelming, under-referenced, expensive and frequently abandoned
  5. Copied and distributed source materials, such as photocopied textbooks, may also be in breach of copyright law
  6. Many health professionals don’t prescribe exercises at all, despite proven and profound health benefits for their patients
  7. Most health professionals don’t have the time to keep up-to-date with the latest exercise research
  8. Patient compliance is highest when instructions are prescribed in printed form

Client feedback

Click here to read what our clients have to say about Evidence for Exercise…

Amazing platform. I paid 4x as much for a much less effective program for my patients.

Great to have all the common exercises displayed in order of progression with all the evidence for them referenced. Just saved me hours of research. Now I have the information handy to justify why I recommend certain exercises and the benefits of them.

Great relation to evidence for the exercise and what the patient can expect. Fabulous!

Evidence for Exercise is a well researched, comprehensive approach to rehabilitating common biomechanical dysfunctions. The ease of use and support from up to date research make it an indispensable tool for most practitioners.

Fantastic explanation of the exercises and why they’re performed. Also love the “what to say to patients”.

Better Outcomes

Evidence for Exercise® breaks it down in a way your patients can understand, whilst also providing you with a deeper understanding of the science and research behind commonly prescribed exercises. We empower you with knowledge of the science behind what you do.

By going back to basics with printable, clear, concise, beginner and intermediate level exercises, Evidence for Exercise builds patient confidence, education and compliance.

The result is better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction, improved safety and reduced professional liability.

Our exercise prescriptions also emphasise the connection between the brain and the body, drawing on the expanding research field of neuroplasticity, which looks at the changing nature of our brain and its strong connection to the process of exercise.

We continually strive to make Evidence for Exercise® the leading evidence-based exercise program for health professionals.






We distil the science behind the treatment and advice you provide to ensure best practice

Evidence for Exercise® provides evidence-based exercise prescriptions and continuing education to health and fitness professionals across many disciplines.

Our ongoing comprehensive literature reviews, approvals by professional associations and collaboration with researchers, educational institutions, government and non-profit organisations, have resulted in Evidence for Exercise becoming the leading evidence-based exercise provider.

Evidence for Exercise Registered Providers are licensed to provide evidence-based exercise prescriptions to their clients, and access quality continuing education.

  • Improve patient treatment outcomes and satisfaction

    Be confident your advice is professional, current and effective when they ask, ‘What exercises can I do at home?’

  • Increase safety and reduce professional liability

    Evidence for Exercise meets current health registration board regulations requiring ‘high level evidence’ in advice and treatment, the necessary basis of health care today.

  • Clear and concise exercise plans with high quality colour photographs

    We have distilled the sea of information into exercise prescriptions which clearly demonstrate the safest and most effective exercises for common conditions, body areas and muscle groups.

  • Supporting Practitioner Notes

    Fully referenced supporting practitioner notes;
    – Clear instructions on when to prescribe
    – Concise teaching points
    – Key teaching phrases
    – Contraindications
    – Evidence
    – Neuroscience
    – What to tell your patients for the best effectiveness, extended care and compliance

  • Backed by research, evidence-based, best practice

    Evidence for Exercise is the result of a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary review of the highest quality research in the fields of neuroscience, manual physical therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, Pilates, yoga, gymnastics and weights training. All research is fully referenced in the practitioner notes for each exercise prescription.

    Our depth of research in the specific field of exercise science makes Evidence for Exercise unique.

  • Immediate Access to Printable Downloads

    Evidence for Exercise is not just another ‘pick and pluck’ exercise program or app. We supply pre-collated, printable exercise prescriptions to fit into the time pressure of your client appointments…there is no need to login and fiddle with tablets, computers and apps whilst consulting.

    Our research indicates patient compliance is higher when instructions are provided in printed form. Exercise prescriptions can also be emailed to your clients.

  • Be Professional beyond your consultations

    These days, our clients expect much more than unprofessional handouts made from photocopied textbooks and stick figure diagrams.

    Evidence for Exercise is a practitioner-only resource providing professional exercise prescriptions to extend professional care beyond your face-to-face consultations.

  • Add value, Generate revenue

    To ensure compliance, effectiveness and safety in prescribing the exercises, we highly recommend you book exercise appointments with your clients.

    Importantly, this also enables you to generate revenue from your Registration as an additional benefit.

  • Beginner to intermediate level, for all ages

    Evidence for Exercise prescriptions are designed for all abilities and ages, including young and old. We break it down into bite-sized pieces by going back to basics.

  • Minimal exercise equipment required

    Evidence for Exercise prescriptions don’t require specialised, expensive equipment to perform. Our exercises are kept as simple as possible to be easily performed within an average home environment.

  • Receive updated content regularly

    Registered Providers have automatic access to all new material, as we continue to keep on top of new research and create new exercise prescriptions.

  • Continuing Education

    Access to convenient, substantial and useful online continuing education modules accredited for formal CPD/CE hours by major industry bodies. Registered Providers also receive a 35% discount on CPD/CE modules.

    Registration also fulfils requirements for informal CPD/CE hours for many registration boards and associations.

Our researchers

Evidence for Exercise researchers and consultants work in the fields of Health Science, Exercise & Sports Science, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Anatomy, Physiology, Pilates, Yoga, Gymnastics and Personal Training. Our qualifications include university undergraduate and postgraduate, and Cert IV in Training & Assessment.