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Amazing platform. I paid 4x as much for a much less effective program for my patients.

Great to have all the common exercises displayed in order of progression with all the evidence for them referenced. Just saved me hours of research. Now I have the information handy to justify why I recommend certain exercises and the benefits of them.

Fantastic explanation of the exercises and why they’re performed. Also love the “what to say to patients”.

About Evidence for Exercise

We are the leading provider of evidence-based exercise prescriptions and continuing education to health and fitness professionals.

Evidence for Exercise was developed to improve access for health professionals to high quality scientific analysis and presentation of exercise advice.

The clinical application of evidence-based exercise prescriptions not only results in better outcomes and increased satisfaction for patients & clients, but also improves safety and mitigates professional liability for practitioners.

Evidence for Exercise meets current health registration board regulations requiring ‘high level evidence’ in advice and treatment, the necessary basis of health care today.

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