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“Very good content, presented in an easy to read format.”

“The handout was incredible – easy to read with great, concise information. Very useful course and I have used most of the information in clinical practice. Highly recommend this CPD.”

“The evidence supporting exercise prescription was fantastic. Overall, I enjoyed the CPD.”

“The evidence info was very valuable. Very worthwhile.”

“It was good to see a course that showed exercises plus technique on top of having evidence versus just evidence from research papers.”

“I found the reading material and quizzes to the ordered in a way that I could read a section then answer the corresponding question. I really enjoyed this CPD! :)”

“I really liked that the training was based on clinic resources we receive with membership. It’s both up skilling and providing us with resources that we can implement straight away … Fabulous course and resource kit – thank you!”

“I like the layout of progressions within each area. Substantiating practice is a major plus. I thought it was fantastic!”

“Clinically relevant, Evidence based. Well-explained. I enjoyed the ‘tips’. Easy to read and navigate for future use. I really enjoyed it – found it clinically relevant.”

“I really enjoyed how it was set up: what to prescribe them for, what the client can expect, what to say to the client etc. Really enjoyed the evidence and neuro tip explanation.”

“I thought it was great to have all the common exercises displayed in order of progression with all the evidence for them referenced. Just saved me hours of research. Now I have the information handy to justify why I recommend certain exercises and the benefits of them.”

“Having diagrams with explanation and evidence etc. made it very easy to put into practice and easier to explain to clients about muscles and physiological and neurological aspects behind why we do certain exercises.”

“I believe this was a highly informative topic for professional development which easily conveyed the exercises and educational information with evidence to support and helpful tips to help prescription. I thoroughly enjoyed this PD.”

“The high level and quality of the research conducted to validate the reasoning for each exercise was superb.”

“The evidence linked in with patient education was very helpful. I really enjoyed it – the material was easy to access. I would highly recommend this course to any EP’s no matter how much experience they have.”

“The PDF notes are very well formatted and so easy to follow they are some of the best I have used in online learning. I was very pleased with the whole set-up of the course, congratulations and thank you for making this course very user friendly and very professional. Keep up the good work.”

“Incredibly thorough, well referenced and practical. Really awesome CPD activity.”

Amazing platform. I paid 4x as much for a much less effective program for my patients.

Great to have all the common exercises displayed in order of progression with all the evidence for them referenced. Just saved me hours of research. Now I have the information handy to justify why I recommend certain exercises and the benefits of them.

Fantastic explanation of the exercises and why they’re performed. Also love the “what to say to patients”.

I liked how each activity was described with scientific detail and supporting evidence but there were also suggestions on how to convey this information to the patients in a simplified version.

Very impressed and happy  with the quality and detail of the course notes provided . Will find it very useful going forward.

It’s great. Thank you. Love that it’s self-paced and can be accessed instantly once paid for.

About Evidence for Exercise

We are the leading provider of evidence-based exercise prescriptions, telehealth resources and continuing education to health and fitness professionals.

Evidence for Exercise was developed to improve access for health professionals to high quality scientific analysis and presentation of exercise advice.

The clinical application of evidence-based exercise prescriptions not only results in better outcomes and increased satisfaction for patients & clients, but also improves safety and mitigates professional liability for practitioners.

Evidence for Exercise meets current health registration board regulations requiring ‘high level evidence’ in advice and treatment, the necessary basis of health care today.

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