“I really liked that the training was based on clinic resources we receive with membership. It’s both up skilling and providing us with resources that we can implement straight away … Fabulous course and resource kit – thank you!”

“The evidence info was very valuable. Very worthwhile.”

“I thought it was great to have all the common exercises displayed in order of progression with all the evidence for them referenced. Just saved me hours of research. Now I have the information handy to justify why I recommend certain exercises and the benefits of them.”

Each of our exercise prescriptions contain step-by-step instructions, teaching points, research, neurology and pathology tips and communication guidelines so you can be an instant expert in your clinic.

Pre-collated for specific conditions: jaw, neck, upper back, lower back, shoulder, abdominals, yoga, lateral epicondylagia, hip, gluteals, patellofemoral pain, pregnancy, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and more…

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“I like the layout of progressions within each area. Substantiating practice is a major plus. I thought it was fantastic!”

“Clinically relevant, Evidence based. Well-explained. I enjoyed the ‘tips’. Easy to read and navigate for future use. I really enjoyed it – found it clinically relevant.”

“I really enjoyed how it was set up: what to prescribe them for, what the client can expect, what to say to the client etc. Really enjoyed the evidence and neuro tip explanation.”

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Becoming an Evidence for Exercise Registered Provider enables you to prescribe evidence-based, ‘practitioner-only’ exercise prescriptions to your clients.

  • You can email our resources to your patients during Telehealth consultations
  • Better treatment outcomes, improve safety and reduce professional liability
  • Increase patient satisfaction when they ask, ‘What exercises can I do at home?’
  • Not just another ‘pick and pluck’ exercise app
  • Collated, clear and concise printable prescriptions with high-quality photographs
  • Grouped for common conditions, body areas & muscle groups by degree of difficulty
  • We’ve done the research for you – comprehensively referenced practitioner notes to support each exercise prescription
  • Emphasises neuroplasticity & brain–body connection through the nervous system
  • For health professionals such as Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists & Physical Therapists, Pilates instructors, Osteopaths, General Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Myotherapists, Yoga Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors

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Amazing platform. I paid 4x as much for a much less effective program for my patients.

Great to have all the common exercises displayed in order of progression with all the evidence for them referenced. Just saved me hours of research. Now I have the information handy to justify why I recommend certain exercises and the benefits of them.

Great relation to evidence for the exercise and what the patient can expect. Fabulous!

Evidence for Exercise is a well researched, comprehensive approach to rehabilitating common biomechanical dysfunctions. The ease of use and support from up to date research make it an indispensable tool for most practitioners.

Fantastic explanation of the exercises and why they’re performed. Also love the “what to say to patients”.

Over 600 pages of quality resources...

As an Evidence for Exercise Registered Provider, you receive immediate download access to the complete library of printable evidence-based exercise prescriptions and a licence to distribute to your clients by print or email.

Fully referenced supporting practitioner notes with click index navigation, including:

  • Clear instructions on when to prescribe
  • Concise teaching points
  • Key teaching phrases
  • Contraindications
  • Evidence
  • Neuroscience
  • What to tell your patients for the best effectiveness, extended care and compliance

PLUS access to regular research updates and new exercise prescriptions throughout the yearly registration period


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Exercise PrescriptionPractitioner NotesCPD/CE Option Available*
Beginner and intermediate exercises for the jaw
Beginner and intermediate exercises for the neck
Beginner and intermediate Pilates for the upper back
Beginner and intermediate exercises for the scapula
Beginner and intermediate exercises for the shoulder (elastic band, weights, prone weights, overhead activities)
Exercises for lateral epicondylalgia
Beginner and intermediate exercises for the lower back
Beginner yoga for the lower back
Intermediate Pilates for the abdominals
Beginner exercises for the hip
Intermediate exercises for the gluteals (low tensor fascia latae, high activation non weight-bearing, high activation weight-bearing, step up box, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus)
Advanced exercises for the gluteals
Beginner open chain and closed chain quadriceps exercises for patellofemoral pain
Stretches for the lower body
Exercises for Achilles tendinopathy
Exercises for plantar fasciitis
Beginner and intermediate exercises for the prevention of falls
Beginner Nordic Walking
Pregnancy exercises for low back pain/pelvic girdle pain
Aerobic exercises for pregnancy
Exercise PrescriptionPractitioner NotesCPD/CE Option to be Available*
Swissball exercises for pregnancy
Upper and lower body strength for pregnancy
Exercise for rectus diastases abdominis
Exercises for Parkinson’s disease
High-intensity interval training
Relaxation exercises for the upper body
Intermediate yoga for the whole body
Early shoulder rehabilitation
Early knee rehabilitation
Elite gymnastics warm-up
Advanced kinetic chain exercises for the shoulder
Biopsychosocial model for pain management

*please check the Continuing Education modules currently available for your relevant association here